We understand the importance of innovation and professionalism

Vital Touch Investments (Pvt) Ltd is a robust manufacturing and distribution company, domiciled and incorporated in Zimbabwe. We are based in Harare.

Our interests are vested in chemicals manufacturing and distribution specialising in soap, detergents and industrial chemicals and agro-processing.

We specialize in a wide range of products and services to include:

• Laundry bar soap
• Domestic cleaning detergents
• Industrial cleaning detergents
• Automotive cleaning detergents
• Aero- Cleaning detergents
• Paint cleaners
• Floor polish
• Toilet paper
• Cosmetics
• Edibles oils
• Nutrition foods
• Stock feed
• Pesticides and pests control
• Cleaning services
• Disinfectant services

We are servicing a wide range of customers which comprises of individuals, schools, mines, wholesales, farmers, NGOs and corporate companies across the nation of Zimbabwe.

We aim to put our foot print in the global marketing, targeting SADC as our initial market. We pride ourselves on the knowledge, skills and expertise of our team who work so hard to deliver second to none products and services.


We stay current and fully exploit our manufacturing, distribution and supplying capabilities

Our Mission is to fully exploit our manufacturing, distribution and supplying capabilities by providing value innovation, premium quality products and services thereby creating employment opportunities and developments in the communities in which we operate in an environmentally friendly manner.


To be the leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier of soap, detergents,
chemicals and agro-produce in Africa and beyond.


Our Corporate Objectives include;

  • Offering the best and competitive prices on premium products and
  • Producing the widest range of environmentally friendly products and
  • Providing timeous, consistent and professional services.
  • Employee retention, training and development.
  • Good corporate governance and corporate image.